Mrs. Toast ate a fish eyeball

Got home a few hours ago from TartFest. I almost felt like I only got to participate peripherally in some of the activities, but I had a great time. Tart is completely lovely, and her apartment is adorable, and very loud when there are 8-12 very drunk people wandering around in it. Quick impressions:

Tart: lovely, as previously stated, and she is a warm and gracious hostess.
Chemist: If I worked at a liquor store and he came in to buy beer, I would card him

((I just did something weird to my keyboard, and I can't figure out how to fix it - it won't let me periods at the ends of sentences and I have to hit the left arrow key to make the cursor go right

Toast: exactly the way he writes. Exactly. I am editing to add that this is a good thing. He's very funny.
Mrs. Toast: she's awesome, full stop

Angelos: I didn't get to speak to him, but I did get to chat with his wife, and she was terrific

Mike: I didn't get to spend any time talking to him, either

I also got to meet some of Tart's friends: Amy, Sean, a very nice native New Yorker whose name I can't remember (sorry, I suck ). Amy seems like the quintessential New Yorker, but she's actually from California, she talks a mile a minute and she's very funny.

Highlights of the trip:
see the title of this post
"I'm an asshole too!"
Except for one incident involving arm wrestling which threatened to tear down Tart's bookshelf and its lovely, lovely books, I think everyone had fun. And I don't really know what happened with the wrestling thing, but my husband has apologised, so I hope any offended parties can put this behind them
This keyboard thing is going to annoy the fuck out of me until I figure it out.. .

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