I figured out something about New Blogger: if you try to sign in on the main sign-in page using the New Blogger link, nothing happens. But if you try to sign in under Old Blogger, you will swiftly be redirected to the Google Account sign-in page, which will quickly allow you to access your blog. Nice feature, Blogger - I've always thought signing in once wasn't enough, thanks for adding a step!

Also: I was listening to the radio tonight on my way to pick Sio up from her mandatory 8 hours of watching disturbing and gory car accident footage that I'm sure will make everyone a better driver*, and I heard a Business Editor from The Economist Magazine on NPR's Marketplace. The gist of his editorial was that privately owned companies are superior to publicly owned companies because, among other reasons, they aren't subject to the whims of the market. I'm no financial guru, but isn't that opinion completely at odds with the Magic Marketplace our capitalist owners are always shoving down our throats? I mean, isn't the marketplace, like the blogosphere, supposed to be self-correcting? Okay, bad example.

I really shouldn't listen to Marketplace, it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They had another story on about the poor corporations who have left the U.S. for foreign shores so they don't have to subject to our darn auditing laws, who are now suffering through a move in Europe to add the same kind of auditing laws. Those laws, by the way, would be the ones put into place after Enron robbed its employees and shareholders of their livelihood and retirements. Poor businesses - it just gets harder and harder to make record profits when you have to actually account for what you're doing with the books!

*i.e., driver training

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