My last semester at MCC started on 8/29. Yes, I will be leaving the hallowed halls of this community college after I graduate in December. This semester, I'm taking Biology, Algebra and Guitar. And I know you will all be jealous when I share that my Algebra class is Saturday morning from 9-12:20.

I have 2 Bio lectures and 1 Bio lab every week - Mon, Tues, Wed. The lecture is an hour and 20 minutes, the lab is just about 3 hours. My teacher is nice, and I like her, but she is unfortunately not a very good teacher. She lacks confidence, and all of us in the class know it. It's not a good situation, and if people start doing poorly on quizzes and other work, there could be a mutiny.

I don't start Algebra until this weekend. I am alternately dreading it and trying to improve my attitude at the same time.

I had my first guitar class Monday night, and I LOVE the teacher. English is not his first language, but he has a wonderful vocabulary, and I found myself delighted by some of his word choices as he was teaching our first class. We learned the strings, their names, how to read tabs, how to play Hot Cross Buns, a 12 bar blues riff, and some ways to fancy up the 12 bar blues riff. The class is officially Monday nights from 7-9:50, but he's subdivided us into beginners and more experienced players (I'm a beginner).

I got a guitar for the class - nothing too fancy, a Yamaha something-or-other. She is so pretty, and I'm thinking about naming her, although I'm not sure what I'm going to call her. I love her!