Anticipation is my drug of choice. If I don't have something looming in the distance, I feel kind of empty and sad. Right now, I'm overdosing on anticipation. Next week, we're going on camping in Maine, and we'll be living here for 6 days:

I'll be home for approximately 15 hours before I head to Orlando for a work conference. I'll be starting back to school while I'm there, and when I get home, it will be about 15 hours before Maeve starts school, and later that evening will be our first day back to work in the choir. Yes, our, because Maeve will be our soprano section leader.

And it will only be a month and half after that that Siobhan will be getting married. The day after she and Jason marry, my sweetheart and I will celebrate our 3rd anniversary. And then it's not too much longer until my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and next April we're going on a cruise...

I might need to figure out how to enjoy life in the present, because I feel like I'm blowing through time looking ahead instead of being, now.  I like the endorphin rush of looking forward to things too much.