I am sick today. I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, so I decided to release myself from my work responsibilities. In a lovely display of karma, today I have a fever of 102F, and I'm so achy and feel so generally horrible that I'm balancing feeling like this with dying, and thinking that dying looks pretty good. Except since I'm a little behind at work, I came in anyway.


Novel update

I am now up to 10,715 words in my National Novel Writing Month novel, tentatively titled Off To A Bad Start. I hope to be at 30K by Thanksgiving, which will give me a long weekend to finish up.



The two funniest posts I've ever written were destroyed. I'm not holding Blogger responsible, it was due to a problem with my work computer, but I'm not happy that Blogger and my work computer hate each other so much.

One of the hilarious posts featured the details of a conversation I had with a friend who is a Bush supporter after the election - shorter version: when I tell her about Bush's flaws, she puts her fingers in her ears and says "na-na-na-na-na, I can't hear you!" which leads me to believe that reasonable discussion is no longer possible. But I get the last word, so it was a good conversation. For me, anyway.

I can't even remember what my second post was about, but it may have been about ethics vs. morality, a subject that's been on my mind lately. I promise that it was very funny and both of my regular readers should be sad theses two posts no longer exist.

Tonight, I'm going to send you over to Pandagon (where you probably already visit) and ask you to comment on their thread about what the Democrats should stand for.

In other news, I'm a year older, I had the crappiest birthday ever (and not just because I didn't get the item at the top of my list, a Democrat in the White House), I saw The Incredibles and I didn't like it anywhere near as much as everyone else in the entire world did. (It was okay, funny in some parts, but not as satisfying as Toy Story (I or II) or even Shrek. I even liked Finding Nemo better, and I didn't really like Finding Nemo, either.) The animation was terrific, though, so if that's important to you, you'll have a great time. Really, there was no part of it that I can call bad, I just didn't like it.


I'm feeling better now

Ohio is still up in the air, Florida early votes haven't been counted, and I still live in a beautiful blue state. And regardless of the final outcome, John Kerry is my president. I think I'm going to make a sign for my car, so when I drive to work tomorrow, everyone behind me will see my sign: John Kerry is My President 2004.

I swear to you that I am not drunk, I am simply experiencing some euphoria born of hope and sleep deprivation.

I don't think it's *entirely* over yet

But right now it looks like Bush has muscled his way to a second term.

I'm not too happy about it, but I do believe America can survive even this. Well, I'm trying to believe it. The problem is that the half of the country that supports Bush is completely irrational. Most of them are religious fanatics who have more in common with the Taliban than with the Jesus that they claim to follow. Many of them are vengeful, ugly people who through some sort of fantasy or delusion believe that they are entirely self-made people, unable to empathize with the plight of those who are less fortunate than they are, unable to see that it could have been them who was born to a drug addict, or an abusive parent, or an alcoholic, or with the wrong color skin.

Tomorrow morning, I'll get on the bus, and on my way to work I'll pass by Center Congregational Church, where the Connecticut Constitution was drafted (the first draft of the U.S. Constitution), and I'll hope for the best.

If things look like they're headed where I think they're headed, at the very least me and the girls are registered foreign born nationals of Ireland. We can always head to the saner shores of Europe.



For the last two weeks, I've been biting my nails over baseball.

Tonight, I have given up the nails and moved on to extreme nausea and high anxiety over the future of the country. Makes the playoffs and series seem like a day at the park.

I started the day in a spirit of high optimism. Loki and I arrived at our polling place about 7:45am, there were only Kerry supporters outside, and everyone was in high spirits.

Now that results are coming in, I'm too anxious to watch the coverage. S is flipping through all the channels but Fox, and she's been instructed to inform me if A)anything surprising happens or B) there is good news for Kerry. She just let me know that Kerry has won NY - certainly does not fulfill A, but I'll take an expected B.


Just One Thing

I happened to catch some of SNL's Presidential Bash tonight. It was like deja vu. Going back to Ford/Carter, there were accusations that the Democratic candidate is a flip-flopper.

So to the media, I ask, no, no, I fucking demand: DON'T EVER LEGITIMIZE THE STUPIDITY OF THIS ATTACK AGAIN!!!!

If I have learned anything from this campaign, I learned how incredibly lazy the press is. Republicans accuse the Democrats of flip-flopping, the press obediently asks "How do you, Mr. Democratic candidate, respond to the charges of flip-flopping?"

It's an illegitimate issue, and if I hear any so-called journalists ask about this in the future, I will know that the so-called journalist is a lazy-ass media whore.

It is not a weakness to change one's mind. When the situation changes, when the fucking facts change, it's fucking RETARDED to NOT change one's mind.