I am feeling broken hearted

on this St. Valentine's Eve. Sis has resigned from her position with the Edwards campaign, the vile bastards are out in force on her blog, admonishing her for her lack of civility one hand and insulting and denigrating her on the other, and I'm pissed that the someone whose moral code excuses pedophilia but beats down hard on criticism of the Catholic Church (which, if you recall, was the organization that protected the pedophiles) is going to claim this as a victory.

I know a lot of religious people. There are blogs listed under the "Friends and Family" header on the right hand side of this page that are written by people of devout faith who I am proud to call my friends. Three of my aunts are nuns (RIP, Aunt Eileen). My husband's best friend is a priest.

I don't feel the presence of God in my life. I'd rather be honest about it than not, which is why I say I'm an atheist. I suppose I'm really agnostic, because who knows, really, but I am skeptical, to say the least. I try to be respectful to people of faith, although I do not always succeed.

I'm about to fail again, although my friends and family, please know I am not talking about you, but about the rotten people who are spreading lies and calling it God's fruit.

I can't help but wonder at the weakness of faith within the people who are so-called believers but cannot stand any criticism of their beliefs. If God is all you say He is, He can take it. If He lets Bill Donohue and Pat Robertson represent him on earth, I'd be checking his ID. Not just because I disagree with them politically, but I disagree with them as human beings, and I've seen them both lie, distort and obfuscate to gain the upper hand. If that's what God wants, that makes God kind of shitty. Good people of faith should shun Bill Donohue and Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. At least until they make some kind of act of contrition for all the evil they've performed in the name of God.

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