This semester (my last semester at MCC!!!!), I'm taking Biology, Algebra and Guitar. Biology has become sort of all-consuming. I have a Bio lecture every Monday and Wednesday, and a Bio lab on Tuesday, which equals 5.4 hours of Bio class every week, plus homework and a quiz before every lab. My teacher is a very nice woman, but not the greatest or most scintillating teacher. This is my youngest class, by far. There is one other person in the class who is my age cohort, everyone else is between 17-22. I'm dreading class today because we're having someone from the college come to give a presentation on e-tutoring. But attendance is part of the grade, so I'll be there making grocery shopping lists in my head.

I have Algebra on Saturday morning, from 9-12:20. I have struggled with math since division was introduced, but suddenly, I'm getting it. This math teacher is the best math teacher I've ever had. I'm doing very well in the class, and I expect that to continue. Plenty of homework, but it's not overwhelming, and since we only meet once a week I'm finding it less difficult to fit the homework into my schedule.

Guitar is fun and I'm making progress, but I get so confused in class sometimes. The teacher is not a native English speaker, and he is clearly exhausted by the time he walks in the door, so he loses focus and changes direction all the time. He'll ask us to play something and then stop us a few minutes into the piece to talk about something else. He is also disorganized, which is a quality I've come to loathe in teachers.