I know, I know

I haven't written much. That will probably continue for a while. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now that requires attention.



I can hardly stand to watch the news or read the paper, because the media both sucks and blows. It's simple: the Republicans have ZERO interest in solving (or participating in solutions to) any of the problems facing this country while there is a Democratic president in the White House and a Democratic majority in the House & Senate. They have one job, which is to stop Democrats from succeeding. They don't give a shit about 47 million uninsured Americans, they don't give a shit about job creation, they don't give a shit about the economy, the only thing they care about is stopping the Democrats from implementing their policies. That's it.

I have plenty of criticims for the Democrats, which mainly can be boiled down to: if you keep giving in to the temper tantrums of the toddlers on the right, you can keep expecting to fail.