Dream, Dream, Dream

I have been having some strange, vivid dreams recently.

I had one where I was in Cleveland - a city I've never been to - and I was trying to find my way to a restaurant where I was going to be meeting someone important, but I couldn't find it. I kept walking all over the city, and going through some scary neighborhoods, all dressed up in fancy clothes, and finally I decided I had to get on a boat to see the outside of the city to figure out how to get to the place I needed to be. In my dream, Cleveland was a peninsula jutting out into the water, so I could take the boat all the way around the city to figure out the best way to get to the restaurant. I remember feeling very happy in my dream that I was getting a lot of exercise with all the walking.

This weekend, I dreamed I was singing at church (and in classic dream logic, it was the church I usually sing at, but didn't look anything like the church I usually sing at), and one of my co-workers (not even someone I'm close to) came and called me into the lobby of the church, which was vast and cold. He told me he was embarrassed because he ran out of boxers and had to wear briefs - which he showed me - and somehow we both knew that because he was wearing briefs, his soul was now more vulnerable to being taken by demons. We were standing in the lobby, and there were these cave-like hallways, and I could hear something calling his name from one of them, so I looked down, and there was some kind of specter calling him. I told him to please stick close to me, that I would protect him. So we go into the service, and I notice that he's got this pained, worried look on his face, and then he slowly slips out of the pew. I follow him into the lobby, and now, it's snowing inside the lobby - it's beautiful, the place looks like St. John the Divine, this vast empty stone space with snow falling in it. My co-workers is inching towards the cave/hall with the demon in it, and I can hear it's calling his name. My co-worker is saying "he really needs me" in a child-like voice, and so I take his hand and we go outside. Outside, it's spring, it's warm, and we sit in the grass until I can see he's back to normal.