I don't think you can even have one

This article on Yahoo! News had a headline that read "Can you have two soul mates?"

If I could erase the phrase 'soul mate' from the lexicon, I would do so in a heartbeat. First of all, until some hard evidence comes in that there is, in fact, a soul, it's not possible to have a soul mate at all. And whenever I hear the word 'mate', I think of those nature documentaries, or the time I saw two dogs 'mating' on the front step of my friend Diana Brown's apartment, and I thought one dog was dying (that would be the male - I thought his penis was his intestines falling out or something) and the other dog (the female) was rendered immobile by whatever horrific disease had taken hold of the male. So the whole phrase just doesn't work for me, and everyone should stop using it now. Thank you.

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