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So, tomorrow will be the 4th monthiversary of my divorce. I have visited the various stages of grief, some more than once, but mostly things are good now. We have sold our house, with an asterisk because our buyer wants to sell her house before we close. So I'm moving forward with various projects because we will be listing the house early in July, in case our buyer's house doesn't sell quickly.

The hardest things to cope with are the occasional bouts of loneliness, which generally strikes me when it's too late to call other people, and a big part of that loneliness is that I miss having an intimate relationship with someone. Yes, I'm talking about sex. This is by far the longest dry spell I've had in my adult life. I am not a person who can be casual about sex, so I don't see any solutions that involve other people anytime in the near future.

So that problem has to go on the back burner, and instead I'll deal with what's in front of me - I still have a lot of stuff to do around the house. I am taking an aquafitness class starting later this month. I need to start thinking about what I'm going to do when the house is sold. I need to take care of myself, eat right, exercise more, do all those things that everyone should do.