Remembering 9/11

I didn't write anything about 9/11 yesterday because it was a beautiful day and I took the girls to the Hebron Harvest Fair, where we had lime rickeys, Thai food, and the best doughnuts money can buy.

But I wanted to write about it, so I went to my Mom's list (the one on which I was recently called a racist by someone who has since apologized) and checked back to 9/11/2001, to see what I wrote then.

Here's one response I wrote...not sure what the person I was responding to wrote:

You know, the scientists on the space station could see the smoke
billowing, but there is something else you *can't* see when you're
orbiting the planet - you can't see the borders between lands. Like
it or not, we all share this world and we are all obligated to care
for it, and IMO, we are all obligated to care for each other.
Sometimes, American actions indicate a short-sightedness about the
world - sometimes it seems as if we think we are the only people on
this planet, and only our needs are important. I know that most of us
don't personally feel this - look at how American people rally into
action when there is an earthquake or some other disaster. But our
policies must sometimes sting like a smack in the face to the rest of
the world. This doesn't mean I think we deserve an atrocity like what
happened yesterday.

I also wrote this, under a post called "Interesting Change of Timeline":

Last night before GWB spoke, the timeline on CNN said that at 9:49am,
the FAA grounded all flights. After he spoke, the timeline changed to
show the FAA grounded flights at 10:30am - the only significance I
can see is that if the FAA did ground flights at 9:49, then they
would have been on the lookout for other flights - like the one that
hit the Pentagon - maybe this is more like Pearl Harbor than at first

I wrote this on 9/14/01:

I am feeling so out of step with everyone in regards
to how we should react. We are going to kill innocent
civilians too. Is it wrong to do so or not? Is it only
right when we do it?

And this just a couple of hours later:

I realize that almost everyone disagrees with me. I
want those responsible brought to justice, just like
everyone else. I disagree that we need to get involved
in a full scale war to do so. I will just have to
stand as a voice of dissent.

Here is a response to another post, with some of their text included:

> > HOWEVER, I don't think that this is the week to do
> that. "Give peace a
> chance" is NOT the mood of - not just this country -
> but the *world* right
> now. I'd like to think that as people are allowed to
> move naturally through
> the stages of grieving, including anger, that reason
> will prevail and enable
> us to make smart and effective decisions about how
> we proceed so that this
> doesn't happen.

****, I wish this were true, but we've already moved
past a point where our leadership is making smart and
effective decisions - listen to the language -- it's
all about war. I fear our leaderships response will
lead to a horrible outcome. I hope against hope that
calmer heads prevail. But I doubt it.

On 9/16/01, I wrote this:

I myself am contemplating putting a bumper sticker on my car:
Justice, Not Retaliation.

As I was scanning through these old posts, I also found a link that no longer works. It was to a website of pictures from around the world, people who were sharing our grief after 9/11. The Bush administration and all the scoundrels therein put an end to that world.

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