Of all the stupid tax cut ideas the floated, this is the latest

Here in CT, gas prices are creeping ever closer to $4.00 gallon, and people are starting to get worried, not just about how much its costing to fill their cars, but how they are going to manage heating their homes this winter. With oil refineries in LA going offline for who knows how long, prices are not going to be decreasing anytime soon.

I'm just a lowly secretary, but I had a great idea: what a perfect time to encourage people to use mass transit! It would give people an opportunity to conserve and sacrifice in a time of crisis, something that I think a lot of people need, so they don't feel so helpless and detached. I suggested to a transportation planner that right now, Governor Rell should be giving some more money to CT Transit and Rideshare, and ask them to add more bus routes from the capitol to the suburbs. Ask people to give up their cars for a workday or two. Conserve our resources.

But our Connecticut government is instead looking to either cap gas prices at the pump or, in a move sure to win the moderate Rell some accolades from her more right-wing brethren and sistren, is thinking about using the opportunity to temporarily get rid of the gas tax! Yes, let's band together in a crisis to find ways to *encourage* consumption of a finite resource.

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