When I was younger, I looked forward to tests. I especially loved those standardized, fill-in-the-bubble types, which generally revealed that I was a genius and could take over the world with my sparkling intelligence that spanned every subject.

(BTW, my skill at standardized tests is #1 on my list of evidence of how standardized tests are a bullshit way to measure whether a students education has been a success.)

As I get older, I find that any sort of test (or audition or performance) is more nervewracking now than it's ever been before. I'm not sure why.

As I was driving to my interview this morning, my stomach was doing gymastics. I almost didn't go, I felt so queasy.

But I went, and I kicked some interviewing ass.

The interviewer asked me about what I could bring to their office, and I started talking about my management style, about how I've successfully implemented big procedural changes while keeping morale high. I talked about successful sales campaigns, incentive programs, the way I've dealt with employees who are performing under par, etc.

And when I was finished, the interviewer went through some of the problems they are experiencing with their customer service department, and, although he didn't say it outright, my skills and knowledge align perfectly with the issues they need to deal with.

I don't know whether I'll get an offer, but I feel great about how the interview went.

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