I love Pandora. Every now and then, though...

Tonight's playlist:

I Need You Back, Ben Kweller
Company Calls, Death Cab for Cutie
My Car, Gin Blossoms
Straight to Hell, The Clash
Kingdom Come, Tom Verlaine
Pet Sematary, The Ramones
Orange Crush, R.E.M. (meh)
Hey Now, Talking Heads
White Lexus, Mike Doughty
Red Shoes, Elvis Costello

I was pretty happy with all those songs (meh on R.E.M., but tolerable). And then Pandora gives me a clunker: Make It Alright, Sammy Hagar. I'm actually slightly offended that Pandora thinks I would like Sammy Hagar. Does Pandora know something about me that I don't?

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