Gays vs. Grandkids

My mother-in-law, right-wingnut, was scheduled to come to visit at the end of July. Sister-in-law called me last night to let me know that MIL is changing her plans because her church has scheduled a vote on whether to leave the Episcopalian church over the appointment of a gay bishop. MIL is not sure she will be able to come at all, because it is crucial that she and her husband are there to cast their votes to defeat the gay menace.

SIL confessed to me that she had to resist shouting out a "YES!" at the news that her mother might not visit.

I can't wait to tell my own mother, who says "God must love the gays, otherwise he wouldn't have made them so talented." My mother thinks MIL is a whackjob because she chooses to live 3,000 miles from her children and grandchildren (something that her own children find to be one of MIL's most appealing qualities, actually).

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