Random Flickr Blogging: IMG_0382

Fluffy made a good living for himself selling statues of Ra-b, the Sun God of the Lepus tribe. Most of the warren members had shrines in their dens, where they laid the best cabbage leaves, offerings they hoped would increase their harvest, and the prize carrots, which they offered in request for Ra-b to cause pain and suffering to their enemies, foxes, coyotes, hawks, and the MacGregors.

Fluffy himself wasn't orthodox, but he was happy to give up a good carrot to hurt the bad guys every now and again, although he always felt a little foolish placing a nice juicy carrot in front of the resin statues that were made by pygmy rabbits in Utah. One time he watched the statue from a distance after he made his offering, and instead of the spirit of Ra-b descending from on high to feast on the offerings and blessing the tribe by granting their prayers, Fluffy saw Mr. Wiggles, the high priest, take the offerings down to his den. "Still," Fluffy thought to himself, "you can't fight the system, and at least I'm making something off of it."

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