One small step for me

My work day is over, and I'm about to do the girliest thing I've ever done*. I'm going to get a manicure, my first one ever. A couple of months ago, I stopped biting my nails, and then Loki won a gift certificate for a manicure and massage, so I am about to take my unbitten and fairly long nails in for...whatever it is they do when you get a manicure.

And then I'm going to get a massage, which I'm slightly nervous about, because I'm mostly a non-touchy kind of person (not with my husband and kids, but with most everyone else). I'm worried that I'll start crying when someone rubs my back, just like I started crying when I went to physical therapy and the PT picked up my left leg and held it gently, taking all the pressure off my joint - just having that moment of relief made me burst into tears.

*I do not count giving birth, because that is womanly, not girly.

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