Friday Pandora

Still no iPod, so here's my Friday Pandora 10:

Overpowered by Funk - The Clash
It's You - Micky & the Milkshakes
Junior Mint - Heat Miser
I'm Not In Love - Talking Heads
Age of Consent - New Order
Do You Remember The First Time - Pulp
Here Me Out - Ben Kweller
Work It Out - The Glands
Tubby Brothers - John Langford
Dodging Seagulls In An '89 Grand Am - A Roman Holiday

Now I'll let you in on a little secret - I didn't actually hear any of these songs, because I don't have speakers on my computer at work! I'm familiar with The Clash, Talking Heads, New Order, Ben Kweller and The Glands songs, the others...I have no idea what they sound like, or whether I even like them or not.

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