I know, who cares?

Just an update on my last post, which was more than 2 months ago. A week after I posted that, I went out on a date with a very quiet gentleman, and I'm still dating him two months later. I'm pretty fond of him, although sometimes I'm not sure if it's because of him or because he's pretty much the opposite of my ex-husband. But he thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread, and that makes me feel pretty good.


Tracy said...

:O) Being loved (I know - it's probably too soon to used that word, but it's fitting) is the best thing ever. Joe loves me like no one ever has, not previous paramours, not my family, nobody. I will be happy for all of my days as long as I have this.

maurinsky said...

Maybe a little soon for the word love, but it feels like it's headed in that direction. It feels kind of wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Darned kindly blog, father a super servant! Desing is cold!

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