Thank you, John Howard

If you check out the sidebar on the right, you will see that instead of an endless stream of blog names, I now have a compressed section for the Indie 500. My sidebar looks so much less cluttered now, and I have to thank John Howard for sending me the code and instructions.

ETA: Of course, I just checked to see if they were working, and they just link right back to the blog, so I did something wrong. I tried deleting the code and adding it again, but then the code just showed up on the blog, so that can't be right. I must have made a mistake. Any suggestions? John Howard?

I also added my e-mail address in case anyone has a burning desire to e-mail me.

(Sidenote: for some reason, I always want to write John Howard's full name when I refer to him. Maybe it's because I know so many men named John IRL, but the author of the hottest blog on the internets is always John Howard to me.)

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