Stressed out

I can't post anything useful today because my stress levels are insanely high, due to a combination of no exercise (it was too cool to swim yesterday), no money (I have less money in the bank account than I've had since the late '80s, when Loki and I both worked part-time jobs making $5-$6/an hour), PMS, and just general worry about the near future.

But in a few minutes, I'm leaving work early to go to our company picnic, where I will get fed and get to swim and maybe get to relax a bit. And tonight I'm meeting my friend Leslie to hang out at Borders, and I'm sure I'll relax even more, because she cracks me up. And I'll be able to have a drink because my frequent coffee buyer card is fully punched, so I'll get a free beverage. And then this weekend we are celebrating my niece's 13th birthday, so that will be another meal I don't have to worry about and good times hanging around with my sister. And then I have the day off on Monday so I can use the $19 in my pocket to get back to school supplies for the kids.

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