Bush to world: fuck you!

The spoiled brat gets his way.

Bolton says he is "honored and humbled" to get the appointment, providing further evidence that Republicans don't understand what words mean.

The article pissed me off because it says that Democrats were unable to prove that Bolton's temper and bullying were actually improper intimidation and harassment. I disagree. Just reading a single account can show any sane person that Bolton engaged in activities that would get you fired as the manager of Wendy's. But today's Republican puts their party above their country, so it's okay to intimidate and harass if you're a Republican.

BTW, does anyone else think of Monty Python's Flying Circus when they hear the name Bolton? I think it was in the Dead Parakeet sketch that they go to the "Other Pet Store" that isn't in Bolton, but is in Notlob. (Although my memory might be fawlty. Sorry about that.) My first thought when I see his face is "Notlob".

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