Recently watched movies

I recently signed up for Netflix, since we've cut down on cable, and we occasionally like to watch something.

First movie we rented was Bottle Rocket, the Owen Wilson/Wes Anderson penned indie movie, produced by such no-names as James L. Brooks and Richard Sakai. It's not the most exciting or hilarious movie ever written, but I enjoyed it enough to watch it twice. The story, like other Anderson/Wilson collaborations, is almost entirely character driven - the plot is not a top priority. This is not a tightly crafted tale, it is loose as a goose. I like these kinds of stories - it feels a bit like you're peeking in at bits and pieces of real people's lives.

The second was Finding Neverland, which surprised me by being an absolute tearjerker. I like Johnny Depp well enough, but I'm not one of those people who worships him. Kate Winslet, however, I adore, and she was lovely as usual (although perhaps a bit underused) in this film. The kids were great, the story and direction were both terrific, but I wept through the last third of the film.

I wish I could be more descriptive, but I'm hopped up on drugs - my allergies contributed to a sinus infection, and I'm desperately trying to stay awake right now.

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