Stress levels have steadily increased

Well, the day did not go as planned, because my husband, who I love dearly most of the time, was a schmuck. He didn't listen to Sio, and he didn't notice the note she left, and so instead of going and relaxing at a picnic, I was driving around town looking for a "missing" child who wasn't actually missing, but was, in fact, exactly where she said she was going to be, doing exactly what she said she was going to be doing.

When Loki came by to pick me up from work to go to the picnic, he mentioned that Sio disappeared and he didn't know where she was. He then proceeded, as we were driving around looking for her, calling all her friends, to go through every possible horrible thing that could have happened to her. I started off unconcerned, because she is such a reliably good kid, but within 45 minutes or so I was a nervous wreck, as we called friend after friend who had no idea where she was.

So I'm home. No picnic, no fun evening with my funny friend, no good times, no relaxation. True, there is at least the pleasure of relief in knowing that my child is fine, but I really wouldn't have had to worry if the schmuck didn't screw up in the first place.

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