My classes started yesterday, which is why I haven't been posting much. (I also don't have much to say, the situation in New Orleans is just awful, and I'm just disgusted with Bush, who should be embarassed to proudly proclaim how he's cutting his 5 week vacation short by two whole fucking days! Too bad this wasn't an election year, and LA didn't have more electoral votes, they probably could have gotten funding before the disaster under those circumstances. And too bad the LA National Guard is fighting in the desert with amphibious vehicles.)

I had my Remedial Math class last night, and it was very nearly as boring as every math class I ever took in high school, only more so because I already knew all the stuff we were covering. (Place values, people. That's how retarded at math I am - I took the placement test and apparently, I'm at the place value level.) On the pro side, the teacher seems lovely, and she has a melodious Jamaican accent. On the con side, it's math, and math and I have never really connected. I keep reminding myself that this is my fresh start in the subject, so try to get along.

Oh, I also found out that the book I paid $80+ for was printed without chapter 5, so the school had to photocopy chapter 5 for us. Nice proofreading there, publishing company.

Tonight, I had my dessert class, Madrigals. I took Madrigals last semester, and I had a very nice teacher who kind of sucked at teaching, and the evil soprano section that created a tense atmosphere and just killed all the fun.

When I got to school tonight, I was waiting out in the hallway and these two adorable girls introduced themselves to me, asking if I was the teacher. We started talking, and it turns out they know Sio, because they just graduated from her school. And to know Sio is to love Sio - one of them asked me how I raised someone as wonderful and nice and friendly as Sio. (I cannot take credit - she was delightful and perfect at birth).

Someone came and unlocked the door, and we all filtered in the classroom, and it was just wonderful - we were all talking and introducing ourselves and we just clicked. There was discussion of who the teacher would be - and then the director of the music department walked in with our new teacher, who had just been hired not 5 minutes beforehand.

The new teacher: about a thousand times better than the old teacher. She took charge, she was excited about the class, she was specifically excited about doing madrigals (last semester we didn't do any madrigals) - I loved her immediately.

Everyone had to sing a line of a song so the teacher could make sure we were in the right section, and every single person in the room had a *fantastic* voice. There is a boy in the tenor section whose voice almost makes me believe that not only do angels exist, but that they take the form of a chubby Puerto Rican boy who doesn't have to shave his face yet. After class, a very cool looking dude approached me to tell me how cool my voice is. That just doesn't happen to me (cool looking dude approaching me, cool looking dude speaking to me, cool looking dude complimenting me - none of those things happen to me.)

Now I am so pleased that I decided to sign up for the class. I would enjoy even a crappy music class, but now this looks like it's going to be good.

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