Rantus Interruptus

I was feeling pretty satisfied after my rant (post just below this one) about potential Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and his disdain for the concept of Equal Pay for Equal Work. And then I had to go read Ezra, who pointed out that Roberts' response was actually directed towards the idea of comparable worth, which, although not nearly as radical or offensive in my opinion as it is in Ezra's, is not quite as offensive as deriding equal pay for equal work. (My main complaint about the concept of comparable worth is not about its redistributive qualities, but that is reinforces that some jobs are traditionally women's jobs and others are traditionally men's, and there is no method for increasing gender diversity for either of those jobs.)

Still, I feel some of the wind has been taken out of my sails as far as my rant against Roberts. However, my point about the Republican war against women still stands.

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