school days (I know, I already used that title. What can I say, my inspiration level is *low* today.

Yesterday was Monkey's first day of third grade, and she said it was wonderful. She made a new friend - a girl who just moved to the U.S. from somewhere in Europe (Loki is not as nosy or as pushy as me, I would have asked the girl where she was from, and if I knew a phrase in that language, I would have said it, because me=dork), and she is thrilled that this year, she gets to be a Book Buddy (they pair a third grader up with a kindergartener, the 3rd grader reads to the K student), and, of course, they prepare for the CT Mastery tests, which they take next year. I still don't understand why they must give the mastery test at the start of the 4th grade year, before kids are fully back into the swing of school.

She came home with a boatload of papers for me to fill out and sign, an acrostic poem (M is for magnificent musician! A is for amazing at art!), and an insistence that she was going to bring lunch this year instead of buying lunch.

Today was Sio's first day back at school, and she was planning to start her day by changing her schedule. I hope it went okay.

Speaking of Sio...her best friend slept over on Tuesday, and they went back to school shopping, and one of the things Sio bought based on her bff's recommendation was a pair of thong underwear. What a proud day in a mother's life, when she sees her daughter's first thong. Let me pause while I wipe away a tear, *sniff*.

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