Okay, on the one hand, this seems like it could be a good thing for the Democrats. I mean, no one really likes Cheney, he has that perpetual sneer, he doesn't know how to dress for formal events, and the less said about this*, the better. And that isn't even counting the fact he is pure evil.

On the other hand....President Cheney?

No. Just, no.

*my theory (in the gross-me-out contest at Shakespeare's Sister to figure out what exactly Cheney is packing in there) was that it was a colostomy bag collecting his leavings, which would be used in an sexually-motivated enema given to someone (but I can't remember who, and I'm too lazy to search the archives at Sis' site for more than 3 or 4 minutes. I apologize profusely for even thinking that, let alone sharing it, but I'm very competitive, so I really wanted to gross everyone out.

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