Pedestrian complaints

Unlike nearly everyone else who lives in suburban Connecticut, I am a regular user of public transportation. I take the bus home from work nearly every day, and to work many mornings*. I take the bus to school. If we're home on the weekend and want to get out of the house, we leave the car and walk to the bus stop.

And I have a big complaint about my pedestrian time, in particular, the time I spend walking from work to the bus stop. Spitting. Men, this is a complaint I have to direct towards you, because I have never seen a woman spit in public. Every sidewalk is an obstacle course, covered with splats of saliva and snot. Does that sound unpleasant? It's fucking disgusting, is what it is.

Things like this made me wish I had a son, because I would teach him not to spit in public.

Please stop spitting. If you must, find a trash can, or step into a public restroom and use the toilet. Please.

Next time on Pedestrian complaints: Why do we even bother to have Walk/Don't Walk signs?

*Loki and I go in the same general direction in the morning, but there is no bus service to his job, so he must drive. We carpool when he manages to get ready early enough.

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