After randomly visiting a few of the new blogs listed to the right hand side of the page, I've decided to highlight a new one every day (that I manage to get to the computer).

Todays Indie 500 Blog of the Day is:

The Disgruntled Chemist

Chosen for several reasons:
  1. I've been helping a friend edit her book about the environment, so environmental issues are much on my mind lately, and this blog has information about global warming.
  2. He/She has a beautiful response to untethered wingnuts - totally calm and rational. As someone who has a fiery temper, I really admire that calm response.
  3. Sio is planning to go into Chemistry, and this blogger is a Chemist (even though the untethered minds on the right don't think you can be a Chemist if you are a graduate student.) I may need to solicit this blogger for advice on schools, careers, opportunities, etc. in the near future.
Read! Enjoy!

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