Flip-flopping like a GOPpy

Caught on Tape is where you can go to see Republicans in the House who have publically declared their support for Social Security flip-flopping, on tape.

I am represented in Congress by the excellent John Larson, but my mother is in Rob Simmons district, and currently, Social Security is the only thing keeping her going.* I don't know if anyone reading (or if anyone *is* reading, but that's a whole other post) lives in Connecticut, but Mr. Simmons is a Republican who has had to get a whole lot more moderate than I believe he actually is, to stay in office. He was challenged by Kevin Sullivan in November, and it was a very close election (lots of attack ads funded by out-of-state GOPers didn't help, but Sullivan did great considering the many disadvantages a challenger has).

I'm not his constituent, but I will be contacting him to let him know how I feel about his flip-flop.

*Did I tell you, if you are out there, that my father is in jail? No? I'll have to talk about that at some point.

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