Groundhog Day

Oh, I meant to post this a few days ago.

Here in beautiful Manchester, CT, we have our own groundhog, who lives at the Lutz Children's Museum, named Chuckles. While Punxatawney Phil may be the official rodent weathercaster of choice, Chuckles is a local sage, well worth listening to.

Our local newspaper, the very excellent Journal Inquirer, featured Chuckles prognostication on the front page of the paper this past Wednesday. The headline read:

"Chuckles Does Not See His Shadow: Spring Around the Corner"

And just below that, the headline writer with a sense of humor wrote:

"Bear in mind, Chuckles is blind and deaf"

(Chuckles is very old now, so he's suffering from diseases related to aging that most groundhogs never get to experience.)

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