Allow me to brag about my kid

My dear oldest child, the one who was born when I was a mere teenager, the one Catholic Family Service told me was doomed because I wasn't going to give her up for adoption, yes, that one, Ms. Sio - well, she had an exciting day today.

(Let me just add that I am too proud of her many and varied accomplishments to think about how I feel about the two exciting things that happened to her today on a political level)

1. She spent some time with a recruiter from the CIA, who said that based on her records, she would be an excellent candidate for joining the agency, particularly in the areas of science and technology, or espionage.

2. Several of her teachers nominated her for a National Leadership Conference that is taking place this spring in Washington D.C. Sio was very excited about the itinerary, although I did tell her they probably wouldn't like it if, when she meets Dubya, she tells him exactly how she feels about him - that's the kind of thing that would get the CIA watching you, but not for recruitment purposes. However, the conference also comes with an exciting price tag, so unless she gets a scholarship or we win the lottery (highly unlikely, since we never play), she may not go.

I can already tell that my stomach will be queasy at the thought of my baby in the CIA within the next 12 or so hours, so I'm just enjoying the warm glow of pride while it lasts.

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