I'm doing it

I'm getting my hip replaced.

Ever since I stopped taking naproxen, my daily pain index has gone up dramatically. I'm walking with a cane all the time, I can't shop anymore (especially grocery shopping), my range of motion has decreased, and last night, (and here's some TMI, for those with sensitive minds), Loki and I could not enjoy our favorite sexual position because I couldn't do it - we are essentially down to boring old man on top, and I'm a gal who needs some variety in her life.

So I called the doctor and made an appointment. Now I need to lose about 30 lbs. (Although I have cut way back on my caloric intake, my exercise level has dropped, so I've gained about 15 lbs.), and I should probably get some dental work done prior to having the surgery, since dental infections can seed infections of artificial joints. As much as the idea of surgery scares me, going to the dentist is about 1000 times worse.

Oh, and I need to save about $2000, too, because I don't have short-term disability at my job, so I will have to take some unpaid time off from work.

I am both terrified and excited, which usually means I'm doing the right thing.

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