Happy Birthday, Molls

Today is my niece Molly's 4th birthday. She's sort of my de facto godchild, even though we didn't go through any religious ceremony or anything, but SIL gave her my name as a middle name.

Molls is a special kid. She's an enigma wrapped within a conundrum and all that. My theory is that she is almost entirely left-brained - she lives in an almost entirely imaginary world, where she is a horse or a cat or a dog, and my friends, Molls is a method actor when it comes to her playing. When she's a dog, she's not a dog who talks - she's a dog who eats out of bowls on the floor and pants and tries to scratch her ears with her feet. She would probably try to pee and poop outside if SIL would let her.

Anyway, Happy 4th birthday, Molls!


Since we're celebrating birthdays, a huge happy 33rd birthday to Atrios, who I just realized is not on my blogroll, and I can't imagine why.

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