Lesson Learned Too Late

I was just over at the Heretik's, reading this post, and I came to the following bilge from Scotty:

MR. McCLELLAN: And who made any suggestion of a link to the attacks? What the President was talking about was that September 11th taught us important lessons. It taught us that we must confront threats before they full materialize, before they reach our shores.

Gee, Scotty, you know when it would have been a good time to learn that lesson, if in fact that is a lesson you learned? How about on August 6, 2001? How stupid do you have to be to ignore a report that says bin Laden determined to attack?
And Scotty, your fucking master should have resigned for his failure to learn that the words "bin Laden determined to attack" actually meant that bin Laden was determined to attack. Even if Bush didn't deliberately ignore the August PDB, he is guilty of a terrible incompetence for letting 9/11 happen. So please, Scotty, keep reminding us of the colossal failure that Bush exhibited before and after 9/11.


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