It's Oh So Quiet

If it seems kind of quiet on Laughing Wild in the next week or so, it's because our real life is going to be crazy busy. In the next week, we have 2 birthday parties, SATs, several meetings at work, singing at church, rehearsal for fucking Gilbert & Sullivan (listening to lots of G&S probably violates the Geneva Conventions - the music bores into your brain and you cannot rid yourself of it), dentist appointments (not for me, thank goodness), ophthalmologist appointments, shopping for a costume for the Gilbert & Sullivan concert, the Gilbert & Sullivan concert itself (after which I will be rid of them hopefully forever!), second grade talent show rehearsal and the show itself (Monkey is singing the national anthem and playing Ode to Joy on the piano), trucking Sio out to camp for CPR training, trucking her back with 1 hour to get ready for the prom, the prom itself, Performing Arts awards at the high school, and of course, all that is on top of all the regular day to day things you need to do, like eating, sleeping, walking the dog, doing the laundry and working at our despised jobs.

And on top of all of that, our one and only car is acting up. It is hesitating at lower speeds. What I really don't need right now is a huge car repair bill. (And from our perspective, anything more than $300.00 qualifies as huge.)

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