Ode to a Goldfish

I won't speak of justices leaving the bench
or whether the new guy will be bad or a mensch
I can't talk of justice deferred or denied
For Fiona, the calico goldfish, has died.

For nearly six years, she lived in a bowl
with green pebbles and plants and a shell that we stole
from Bahamian beaches, in sunnier climes
Where we traveled with family in money-er times

She almost died twice while under our care
Fi floating on top of the water did scare,
but a call to the vet fixed her problem with ease
We relieved her "fish gas" with beans and with peas.

For six years her bowl sat near our kitchen sink
The cats left her, (tho from her bowl they would drink)
There will be sorrow and tears will be shed,
For Fiona, the calico goldfish is dead.

RIP, Fiona (Oct. 1999-June 2005)

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