Super busy day today, so just a couple of quick little things:

1. I spent a chunk of my morning in a meeting with a bunch of fuel oil, diesel and gasoline vendors. They said they don't know what is happening with the fuel oil market anymore. A few years ago, having a price change a half a cent in a day was excitement. Now they come back from lunch and the prices are up 8 cents. They pointed out that they only make 2 or 3 cents on the gallon, it's the energy traders like Morgan Stanley who are making out like bandits. I think it's pretty amazing to sit around with a bunch of guys in this field and hear them complain about the greedy bastards at the top of the oil chain.

2. Last night I picked up Chris Hedges book, "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning". Wow, what a beautifully written book, and lots of food for thought. I didn't have any money on me, but I'll be purchasing this one when I get paid this week. I only made it through chapter 2 when they booted us from the store.

3. I was the first person in my family to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and I was already devoted to Firefly before it ever aired even a single episode. Last week, I was supremely pissed because I missed getting tickets to a preview of the Firefly movie, Serenity, which is playing about 3 miles from my house next Thursday. I spent about an hour trying to get tickets only to find they sold out in the first 6 minutes. So you can imagine my jealousy when Sio came home from school yesterday with a ticket to see the preview. One of her friends bought 14 tickets, and Sio got one of them. But she didn't get one for her dear mother, who sacrificed 9 months of food because I was so sick when I was pregnant with her, who went through labor and delivery without so much as an aspirin, lest the painkillers interfere even one iota with my precious child, who gives her everything she wants (that we can afford). Nope. No Serenity for me.

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