The kids are all right

I may have mentioned that this is a busy week in the LW household. We have a concert, a CPR training session, a prom, and one event that I was really looking forward to, the 1st & 2nd grade talent show. But instead of watching the show from the audience, I will be hearing it from backstage, because I volunteered to help out.

I had a lot of fun with the kids, though. I was a real hard-ass about their volume and behavior backstage, but I made them all laugh, too. And I'm pretty impressed with the variety of talents - in addition to singing and dancing, we have a mime, several magicians (including a Houdini escape artist who escapes from handcuffs), a couple of wannabe stand-up comics (which is something that terrifies me, as much as I'd love to do it), and one girl who is dressing like an elf and *gargling* "Jingle Bells" (which is just awesome, though I'm saying this as a woman who juggled while singing "50 Nifty United States" at her senior year talent show*, so perhaps there is no accounting for taste.)

Whenever I volunteer at school, I always feel my inner control freak wanting to take over, particularly since I tend to volunteer for arts/stage productions, a universe in which I feel quite confident. I managed to only take over a little bit today, and it worked out really well - I didn't step on anyone's toes or take on more than I can reasonably chew.

And now I'm going to try something novel, going to bed - I've been an insomniac all week.

*Can you believe I didn't win?

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