A beautiful day, and yet

As usual, my mother called me last night to remind me to spring forward, but the sun and blue sky pouring through my bedroom window woke me long before my alarm was due to go off.

Loki had a serious eating and drinking event with his BIL, so he stayed at his sister's last night, and Sio was still in Washington D.C., so Monkey and I headed out the door to church.

Today's sermon was completely inoffensive, and I was in high spirits as Monkey and I left church and headed out to the car. We buckled ourselves in, turned the key, and hit the button for the stupid security system our car came with, and nothing happened. I couldn't start the car. We locked it up and decided to go for a little walk, so we headed over to Bushnell Park with our books.* We came back, tried again. Nothing.

So I called Loki, and he said his sister would come get us. And she did -- almost 3 hours later. She was not assessed of our situation in a timely fashion. Loki is happy to be at work, and not here, where I am still angry that he took so long to get out to us.

I did something to my back, and now I can hardly move. I left the car in the church parking lot (note to self: call the church in the morning to let them know it's your car), and my mother is coming to pick me up at 5:45 a.m. so I can direct her to Loki's place of business.

On the plus side, it really was beautiful today, Sio's group won all the first place awards at the adjudication, and we have enough money in the bank to pay for whatever needs to be fixed (Loki and I think we just have to get rid of that motherfucking security system that we both hate - the battery has juice, everything else seems to work except for the mf security system.)

*We never leave the house without something to read.

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