SCARBOROUGH: Did Hillary Clinton leave the White House in shambles? Well, according to a new book, first lady Laura Bush found worn and outdated furniture, frayed carpeting, and just absolutely tasteless decorations, from the Oval Office to the East Wing. Was Hillary too busy trying to play assistant president?

Now Laura Bush is an arbiter of taste? I submit that she wouldn't recognize taste if it was sitting in the passenger seat with her high school boyfriend.

Exhibit A:

Nice back to the future hair, mrs. Bush - where did you get it cut, 1955?

Exhibit B:

Oh, my goodness, that dress is Texas trashy, and a woman with Laura's figure should not be putting a delicate ribbon around her waist. Plus...are those plastic ornaments on the tree?

Exhibit C:

Look at what she married.

I realize I'm not addressing the larger point here, which is that in 2006, we are still talking about homemaking as woman's domain. This is an effort to put Hillary Clinton in a box - she's a woman, and she's not good at womanly things! - for the sole point of making Hillary appear diminished, worthless. I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton, and I sincerely hope she is not the Democratic candidate in 08, but this is ridiculous.

And Laura Bush shows her classlessness by spreading the rumor through a subordinate. Graceless, classless, tasteless.

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