Upsetting - anyone up for some dream interpretation?

I didn't sleep well last night. I had a bad day yesterday - I didn't eat all day long, and then Loki and I had an upsetting fight, and I think both of those contributed to my horrible dreams.

I have this recurring dream that always leaves me feeling disturbed. In this dream, I live in an apartment building, and somehow, I find myself helping a neighbor of mine who I've never met. He sends me an e-mail asking me to take out his garbage, and I run up to his apartment and take the trash out for him. But there is this unsettling feeling in my dream - I know there is something very off about this person, and there is something very wrong about helping this person I've never met.

While I'm in the dream, I feel like I'm under this person's spell - he's appealing to my desire to be helpful, but even as I'm carrying out the task he's asked me to help with, I feel like I'm participating in something terrible that my brain never acknowledges - at least not in my dream. When I'm awake, I speculate that this person is a serial killer and I'm taking out the trash that contains body parts of people he's sliced and diced, or something along those lines. And sometimes when I'm awake and I think about it, I wonder if this other person in my dream is actually just me. In my dream, I never meet him. I never have a problem getting into his apartment, and I feel protective of him.

Any dream interpreters out there?

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