I've been quiet lately because I've been pondering some long term plans.

1. Loki and I have to move to a one level house at some point in the future. I will likely only be able to have one artificial hip, and they have a 10-15 year lifespan, so my mobility in the future will be similar to my pre-hip replacement level. So I need to start preparing to do something about that.

2. At some point in my schooling, there will be classes I have to take that are only offered during working hours. How can I manage this and still make money and have health insurance?

3. My younger sister has severe rheumatoid arthritis, and at some point, my mother won't be able to take care of her anymore. Can we think about buying a home that would allow her the opportunity to move away from my parents but still have family close enought to take care of her (i.e., an in-law apt. type of situation?)

4. Sio is going to start her senior year of high school in 4 months. I'm kind of freaking out about scholarships, financial aid, etc.

5. Since gas prices have gone so high, and I don't see that they'll ever go back down again, should I start talking to my neighbors about arranging an errand carpool? For example, if Mr. X at 22 is going to Home Depot on Saturday, he will bring Mr. T who also needs to go to Home Depot. Pros: would save gas, money. Cons: would have to talk to neighbors (my New England side is *very* New England).

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