Sio had a bad day

1. She fainted in Biology
2. She got sent home without getting to the library to print out her junior thesis which is due tomorrow
3. When she got home, she realized she had taken another students folder, which contained his junior thesis, which meant he had hers.
4. When she called the other student, she found his phone number has been disconnected.
5. In addition to printing out her junior thesis, she was supposed to have it bound.
6. The nearest Kinko's was open until 9pm.
7. It was 7pm before she got her folder
8. Loki has to leave for work at 9pm.

Thus far, things seem to have worked out okay - we made the folder exchange, and her boyfriend took her to a different Kinko's that is open 24 hours a day. Loki's computer only had WordPerfect, and through some sort of amazing serendipity (i.e., I did a little cleaning in my room), I found the MS Office CD that came with my old computer, and loaded it onto Loki's computer, which is the only working computer we have right now, although it doesn't have a working printer, which is why Sio had to print her paper out at school.

This is the downside to embracing the chaos, which I mostly do because I don't know how to combat it.

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