You can still do this in America, right?

Tomorrow morning, Sio will be heading to Washington D.C., along with the a capella singing group at her school, for a Superiors Music ajudication. That means that in order to participate, your singing group must have been judged superior at a previous festival.

Since I am being forced to spend my hard earned money in Washington D.C. (something I didn't want to do while the Republicans hold power, but essentially had to because Sio doesn't have a job), I told Sio that I would feel I got my money's worth if she would go past the White House, flip the bird* towards the occupant, and use her First Amendment rights to express her true feeling towards said occupant, using whatever words she felt appropriate, 4 letters or more.

You can still do that in America, right?

*Alternatively, she could offer the Sicilian Salute, now Supreme Court Justice Approved! Although apparently, it's not really obscene, and therefore, inappropriate.

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