Monkey speaks

Monkey writes exactly like she talks. I give you the following selections from her book report on Saving Shiloh:

"What happens in the story is there is a person who got in an
accident from driving drunk, and his name is Judd Travers. Now that
he doesn't need his crutches anymore, everyone thinks that he's the
one committing all the crimes that are going house to house.
Everyone, but Marty. See, Marty keeps standing up for Judd because
he thinks that Judd is trying to change, and so it turns out that he
*is* trying to change, and the reason I found this out so early in
the book is that there is a big blizzard and school is out for,
like, three weeks! Then Judd comes by with one of those things plows
have, and is plowing everyone's drive."

and a later quote:

"When Judd steps back to see how the fence looks, he accidentally
steps on the black & white dog's paw, and it bites Judd, soaking his
leg in blood. So Marty obviously calls Doc, and they give Judd 56
stitches! Yikes!!"

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