Lieberman sucks, but the local Democrats are good

On a party line vote, the Manchester, CT (my town) Board of Directors approved a living wage ordinance:

"It's the right thing to do and it's important the taxpayers of Manchester know we are for supporting people," Democratic Deputy Mayor Lisa Paggioli O'Neill said, adding that the Republicans' argument that the ordinance hurts the working poor because it pays them more and nets them less government assistance is nonsense. "That just really upsets me. It's very difficult to live on welfare, and it's not a forever thing."

Democratic Director John Topping agreed, saying of employees and businesses, "I have no problem paying someone $11.06 and health benefits if they're going to get something and that's a town contract."

How about that - leveraging the power of town contracts to help working people. My town joins about 130 towns nationwide in approving a living wage ordinance.

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