Smoke over Belfast

This news sucks.

Three nights of rioting in Belfast.

My father was pro-IRA, as were most of his drinking buddies. They would pass the hat to raise money for NORAID, which was essentially the Irish-American fundraising arm of the IRA. In the late 80s and early 90's, though, my father and his friends changed their tune. Long before 9/11, my father was disgusted with the IRA's tactics of intimidation, terror and violence.

After Clinton was elected, things turned around in NI. My dad would always get a little antsy during marching season, when the Protestant loyalists would march through the Catholic enclaves. It was heartbreaking to see Catholic school children mocked by adult Orangemen as they attempted to go to school. But it seemed like the violence had ended.

So this news is really depressing.

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